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ISMS Publications:

We published Mathematica Japonica (M.J.) in print, which was first published in 1948 and has gained an international reputation in about sixty years, and its offshoot Scientiae Mathematicae (SCM) both online and in print. In January 2001, the two publications were unified and changed to Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae (SCMJ), which is the g21st Century New Unified Series of Mathematica Japonica and Scientiae Mathematicaeh and published both online and in print. Ahead of this, the online version of SCMJ was first published in September 2000. The whole number of SCMJ exceeds 270, which is the largest amount in the publications of mathematical sciences in Japan. The features of SCMJ are:
1) About 80 eminent professors and researchers of not only Japan but also 20 foreign countries join the Editorial Board. The accepted papers are published both online and in print. SCMJ is reviewed by Mathematical Review and Zentralblatt from cover to cover.
2) SCMJ is distributed to many libraries of the world.@The papers in SCMJ are introduced to the relevant research groups for the positive exchanges between researchers.
3) ISMS Annual Meeting: Many researchers of ISMS members and non-members gather and take time to make presentations and discussions in their research groups every year.

The privileges to the individual ISMS Members:

(1) No publication charges
(2) Free access (including printing out) to the online version of SCMJ
(3) Free copy of each printed issue

The privileges to the Institutional Members:

Two associate members can be registered, free of charge, from an institution.

Membership Dues for 2017

Table 1:
Categories Domestic Overseas Developing countries
1-year Regular member \8,000 US$80 Euro75 US$50 Euro47
1-year Students member \4,000 US$50 Euro47 US$30 Euro28
Life member* Calculated as below* US$750 Euro710 US$440 Euro416
Honorary member Free Free Free

(Regarding submitted papers,we apply above presented new fee after April 15 in 2015 on registoration date.) * Regular member between 63 - 73 years old can apply the category.
(73|age ) ~ \3,000
Regular member over 73 years old can maintain the qualification and the privileges of the ISMS members, if they wish.

Categories of 3-year members were abolished.

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