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Vol.2, No.2 Whole Number 5

2-2-15 Kon M., Kushimoto S.
On efficient solutions of multicriteria location problems with the block norm
Abstract / Full
2-2-14 Matsuda R.
Note on regular sequences on semigroups
Abstract / Full
2-2-13 Kuriki S., Ishikawa K.
A method for constructing generalized cyclic designs with larger values of the parameters
Abstract / Full
2-2-12 Ch\={o} M., Tanahashi K.
Spectral properties of log-hyponormal operators
Abstract / Full
2-2-11 Fujii M., Lin C.-S., Nakamoto R.
Alternative extensions of Heinz-Kato-Furuta inequality
Abstract / Full
2-2-10 Hao J.
Complete classification of proper BCH-algebras of order four
Abstract / Full
2-2-9 Kim S. Y., Roh E. H., Jun Y. B.
On ultra filters of lattice implication algebras
Abstract / Full
2-2-8 Izumino S., Nakamoto R.
Functional orders of positive operators induced from Mond-Pe\v{c}ari\'{c} convex inequalities
Abstract / Full
2-2-7 Joseph J. E., Kwack M. H., Nayar B. M. P.
Sequentially functionally compact and sequentially C-compact spaces
Abstract / Full
2-2-6 Avgerinos E. P., Papageorgiou N. S.
Differential variational inequalities in RN
Abstract / Full
2-2-5 Papageorgiou N. S., Shahzad N.
On maximal monotone differential inclusions in RN
Abstract / Full
2-2-4 Kim K. H., Jun Y. B.
Anti fuzzy $R$-subgroups of near-rings
Abstract / Full
2-2-3 Fujii M., Nakamura M.
Bonsall's construction of spectral measures and operator means
Abstract / Full
2-2-2 Ch\={o} M., Duggal B.P.
$p$-Hyponormal operators-functional transformations and spectra
Abstract / Full
2-2-1 Komori Y.
Weighted weak (1,1) boundedness of rough singular integrals for some power weights
Abstract / Full

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