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Mathematica Japonica

Founder: Tatsujiro Shimizu

   Mathematica Japonica was published first in 1948 and is one of the oldest mathematical journals in Japan.Now it is published by Japanese Association of Mathematical Sciences. Mathematica Japonica publishes original papers in mathematical sciences submitted from all over the world. Not only papers in pure mathematics but those devoted tomathematical statistics, operations research, applied mathematics,computer science and other mathematical sciences are also welcome.

   The journal is published in two volumes of three issues a year from 1994. This is published in January, March, May, July, September, andNovember in each calendar year.

   The Japanese Association of Mathematical Sciences intends to enhance the journal, beginning from July 1995, by including excellent Research-Expository papers in the section ``International Plaza for Mathematical Sciences'' as well as original research papers.

   The section will provide papers dealing with broad overview of contemporary mathematical sciences, written by experts mainly at our invitation. Papers shedding lights on open problems or new directionsor new breakthroughs for future research are especially welcome.

Copyright Transfer Agreement

   A copyright Transfer Agreement is required before a paper will be published in this journal. By Submitting a paper to this journal, authors certify that the manuscript has not been submitted to nor is it under consideration for publication by another journal, conference proceedings or similar publication except preprint services.

Subscription Information

   The subscription rate to Mathematica Japonica for 1999 (Vol.49 & 50) and for 2000 (Vol.51 & 52) are US$360.00, without postages. Subscriptions including renewal order should be made directly to the Japanese Association of Mathematical Sciences by e-mail to, by Fax to 81-722-22-7987 or by Airmail. However, individual and institutional members can subscribe Mathematica Japoinica at free charge. Please refer to Join JAMS!

JAMS Managing Office

T. Ishihara (Managing Editor), K. Iseki (Managing Editor),M. Fujii, N. Inagaki, H. Ishii, Y.B. Jun, E. Kumagai, S. Mohri,H. Nagao, J. Nagata, S. Nakanishi, M. Sato, Y. Teraoka, M. Washihara, T. Watanabe, K. Yoneda

Japanese Association of Mathematical Sciences
Shin Sakaihigashi Bldg., 2-1-18 Minami Hanadaguchi,Sakai, Osaka 590-0075, Japan.
Tel. 81-722-22-1850. Fax. 81-722-22-7987
e-mail Submission to M.J./SCM, or to SCMJ:

Payment Instruction

   Payment can be made through a post office or a bank, or by credit card.Members may choose the most convenient way of remittance.Please note that we would not accept payment by bank drafts (checks).For more information, please refer to an invoice.

Methods of Overseas Payment:

   Payment can be made through (1) a post office or (2) a bank, or (3) by credit card.Authors or members may choose the most convenient way of remittance as are shown below.
(1)Remittance through a post office to our giro account No. 00930-1-11872 or send International Postal Money Order to our address
(2)Remittance through a bank to our account No. 94103518 at Shinsaibashi Branch of CITIBANK, or
(3)Payment by credit cards (AMEX, VISA or MASTER).

Methods of Domestic Payment:

   Make remittance (1) to our Post Office Transfer Account --- 00930-3-73982 or (2) to our account No. 136336 at SANWA BANK, Sakaihigashi, Osaka, Japan.    All the correspondences concerning subscriptions, back numbers, individual and institutional membership, should be addressed to the Publications Department, Japanese Association of Mathematical Sciences. e-mail:

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